Brad Paisley:   His Mixed Bag Is A Formula That Works

What if it was way back then and we only had records, tapes and radio? Think of all the fun we'd be missing without Brad Paisley videos with his slant on fishing and the internet with I'm Gonna Miss Her, Celebrity and Online . If we can't identify with them ourselves, we all know someone who can. Whether we're laughing at them or with them is not important. What is important, is the fact that we're laughing; But not so hard we can't hear the music.

The same artist who makes people smile with cleverly written songs brought to life in mini movies on the video screen, caught everyone off guard with the heart wrenching masterpiece Whiskey Lullaby with Alison Krauss. In between the funny and the serious you'll find hits like Mud On The Tires, Me Neither and Little Moments.

After spending some time writing for other artists, Brad Paisley found himself writing for himself. 'His mixed bag' of material is a unique formula that has launched him into superstar-studded country music orbit without having to go on a show to have someone with less talent tell him if he was good enough. He just sort of evolved out of his own work. His catalog can be compared to a well-written screenplay in progress with all the dramatic elements in place including healthy portions of comic relief.

With barely a decade under his belt, Brad Paisley has established his heavyweight status among his stellar contemporaries. Strong and compelling artists of his calibur are industry staples. They are what keeps Country Music alive.

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