The Bellamy Brothers:
Still Reaching...Still Growing

Can you be a native of Central Florida and still be a real honest to goodness cowboy? Real life cowboys Howard and David Bellamy are living proof that the answer is yep you can, because yep they are just that. Of course some may prefer the term "rancher" which may be a more accurate description of their life in Florida. In a past interview, they vividly described how it all came about. It seems their father Homer grew oranges and the young Bellamys had to help pick them; Something they hated. A frost which destroyed the groves ended it all. They went on to relate how thankful they were for that freeze because it prompted their Father to go into the cattle business, a business which would grow and become their legacy. The sprawling ranch is tucked away in the lush countryside of Central Florida and is home to them even today.

But what about the music? It was as much a part of life in the Bellamy family as oranges and cattle. Whether it was genetically passed down or taught, the one responsible for the influence was their Father Homer and they were obviously allowed a great deal of freedom for creativity regarding their music. An elderly neighbor living on the corner of Darby Lane and Bellamy Brothers Blvd who has since passed, once related (with pride) how he had to endure the beatin' and bangin' and hollerin' billowing forth from the Bellamy place. He had no idea at the time that the young Bellamy's whose band practice shattered the quietness of the rural countryside would one day become one of the most formidable duos in country music history producing some of the greatest songs ever written and recorded. Their earliest is the one that catapulted them into the country music stratosphere after emerging from 70's pop to 80's country. It was the timeless masterpiece, Let Your Love Flow. It was more than a song; It was a historical event. The Bellamy Brothers proved consistent after that winning a loyal following that circled the globe and many hits followed. But Let Your Love Flow' always remained Homer Bellamy's favorite and is today lovingly inscribed at his resting place.

As that interview which took place over twenty years ago was ending, the incredibly stupid question, or something like it, every interviewer inevitably asks popped out; ...."So now that you're on top...What's next?" Without taking time to ponder the stupid question, Howard replied, "If you stop reaching, you stop growing." The Bellamy 2008 calendar is full all the way to the year's end with a good jump on 2009. The Bellamy Brothers obviously did not stop reaching because their music did grow and they grew into legends. - NU

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