Bomshel:   The Power Of Two (An Explosive Combiation)

Bomshel unites powerhouse singer Kelley Shepard with fiery fiddler Kristy O. Alone, both are guaranteed to be the most colorful woman in any room they enter. Together, they create a sound that grabs country music by its roots and jerks it into the 21st Century. Bomshel’s aggressive sound combines Nashville song craft, rock dynamics and funk rhythms, all served up with a steelmagnolia spirit. The music ranges from heart touching to hard rocking to booty shaking with boots on the dance floor songs like “Bomshel Stomp” or the stunning and inspiring “Power of One”. At its core, this is what Bomshel represents: The joy that comes with letting down your guard and being yourself, no matter how wild, silly or serious you may feel at any given moment.

Shepard’s an emotive, take-no-prisoners singer and songwriter with a reputation as a powerhouse live performer. Kristy O is a horse-riding, ski-racing, stage-diving fiddler who can make her bow sing sweet and mournful or shred it with lightning ferocity. She has been known to spontaneously leap from the stage and hitch rides on the shoulders of fans.....Read More

Bomshel Stomp
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