Carolina Rain:
Three Dreams On A Collision Course

The Carolina Rain biography outlines a story of the combined efforts of three talented young men with similar dreams who were brought together by timing and unforeseen occurences. They don't exactly make it sound like a bed of roses themselves, but without a clear understanding of Music Row and the surrounding area which includes Sixteenth and Seventeenth Avenues and are adjacent to Belmont University(where Rhean Boyer, Jeremy Baxter and Marvin Evatt were once employed as security guards), some may not fully comprehend their ironic situation of being so close yet so far away.

To those who have walked in their shoes (even if it was before their time), their story sounds like a haunting echo from decades past ringing all the way from the Demonbruen Street Shoney's restaurant where disillusioned songwriters could drink coffee all day long to Belmont standing stately at the other end of Sixteenth Avenue. To some, it conjures up a feeling as hollow as a cold gray late autum Sunday afternoon on that little strip of road where the withered leaves laying silent and still beneath bare trees could convince anyone they were the last living soul on earth. If you really want to get the picture, throw in a tumbleweed slowly rolling across the pavement. O.K. we don't really have tumbleweeds, but anyone who has gone that route as opposed to riding into town on a B.M. degree can identify with some part of that outside-looking-in feeling.

Rhean, Jeremy and Marvin may or may not have experienced any of those feelings, but having that perspective, you can almost see yourself riding around with these guys(pre-fame), maybe swinging into Circle K for coffee, writing songs and sharing their dreams. Although I have never been a songwriter, I have enjoyed the company of many doing those very things. Some were good and some should have never left their day job. But like Carolina Rain their dreams were like fuel that kept them going. It isn't any easier these days and may be even more difficult with the transforming of the quaint somewhat approachable Music Row of the sixties, seventies and eighties to big business country style today. But Carolina Rain have proved that with determination and an unwavering belief in their dreams and music, it can still be done.

The chain of events that brought them together turned out to be blessings in disguise because they were able to play off each other's strengths(Another thing they did right). That strong infrastructure may well be the thing that carried them through. Their debut album "Weather The Storm," established them on the front lines of Country Music. The title is appropriate because they had indeed weathered the storm. The dynamic force created when these superb musicians combined their talent continues picking up the pace with a busy tour schedule. All the while they are releasing new singles for download and no doubt, looking ahead to a bright future. - NU

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