Charley Pride:   A Treasured Legend

Not only can Charlie Pride look back on a long successful hit-filled career with his musical contributions which helped shape country music as it was evolving from the 50's sound, but he can do so knowing he made a difference. He did this by delivering timeless treasures like All I Have To Offer You Is Me and Kiss An Angel Good Morning. He bears the rare identifying mark as an "artist's artist," which is generated by deep respect from peers.

Notably he came along in a time period when America was experiencing pangs of expelling it's ugliest side, racism. There is no doubt he is responsible for helping to bridge those shameful divides. It had to take tremendous courage in those days to pursue a career in a genre that was dominated by white entertainers from it's beginning but he endured and stationed himself in the spotlight which has not dimmed to this day. One notable award is the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1990 by Congress Of Racial Equality(CORE). But his overall achievements are vast and span more than three decades. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame in 2000.

Charley Pride turned 70 in March 2008 but his full tour schedule does not indicate he will be slowing down any time soon. Read his incredible biography on his official website.

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