Colin Raye:   The Power To Stay

Without a glitch, Collin Raye has managed to maintain a staying power so consistently you can almost keep time by it. He has been an integral element of the idustry since his first timeless and renowned hit, "Love Me" in 1991 which established him in the competitive country music arena.

Following "Love Me," he went on increasing musically with memorable hits like "I Think About You," "That's My Story," "Little Red Rodeo," "Little Rock" and "One Boy, One Girl."

His even keel is a result of doing what is natural to him. While he admits that early on it was all about hits and success, in time his point of view changed to not only entertaining people, but also inspiring them. Obviously, he was referring to his own feeligs in the matter, because "Love Me," the launchpad of his career was then and still is today, inspiration in it's truest form.

He has teamed up with Saguaro Road Records, a division of Time-Life, for his latest project called "Never Going Back." It was released in April 2009 and cotains thirteen songs, including Midlife Chrysler, that he performed on National television on the Huckabee Show. If you missed Collin Raye on his promotional television appearances, it means you probably either don't have a TV or don't watch it much. His strong presence will continue with a heavy tour schedule throughout the rest of the year...."That's his story and he's sticking to it." - NU

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