Crystal Shawanda:   A Dream Coming True

Still reeling from her successful debut album, Crystal Shawanda is savoring every moment of her newfound place within the iconic class of A list country. And whether it was her intention or not, she has proved two things. First, If you apply yourself and live the dream, it will come true. And second, you don't have to be blonde to get a record deal in Nashville.

Her biography is a true Cinderella story which begins on the Wikwemikong Indian Reservation on Manitoulin Island in Manitoulin District, Ontario, Canada and finds a happy ending at a major record label (RCA) in Nashville, Tennessee. It is definitely not a story of someone getting more than they gave. Her focus and tireless determination is what paved the highway of dreams that brought her to Music City.

You can't help taking note of the resemblance she has to fellow Canadian artist Shania Twain. They also share similar backgrounds and ambitions with similar results. But Crystal Shawanda is clearly of her own making and her originality shines throughout "Dawn Of A New Day" her album which entered the Billboard Country Albums Chart at number sixteen .

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