Josh Turner:
He Started Out Larger Than Life, Then Got Better

Josh Turner made an impressive first imperssion when he turned up seemingly out of the blue with "Long Black Train." He was embraced immediately by the "Legend Crowd," who saw something remarkably familiar in this young man and without hesitation welcomed him as one of their own. The song was a timeless gem with which to showcase his rich baritone voice. If he had recorded it in 1959 or 1965, it would have been received the same way.

The audience reaction to him the night of his Grand Ole Opry debut was nothing less than a spontaneous history making event. It may prove to be the most memorable show of his career. That awe-inspiring performance on the Opry stage back in 2001 could have been a hard act to follow, especially since it was his own act. But what has transpired since then shows it was not all about the one song or the resonance of that priceless baritone voice. He continued to chalk up more hits with songs like ""Your Man" and "Would You Go With Me."

His natural gift as a songwriter, having already been manifested with "Long Black Train," could not be more evident than with his latest album, "Everything Is Fine" where the choicest tracks were penned by him. This is being regarded as his best set of tunes yet. Writing about things familiar in his life, how he feels about them and how they affect him greatly influences his music. This formula is not unique to Josh Turner, but he is one of those rare individuals who writes from the heart. He is also one of those rare individuals who started out larger than life then got better. - NU

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Josh Turner
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