Keith Anderson:   All That And More

"There are so many reasons to stay fit....Just for the brutal schedule; you’re working hard throughout the day and then getting on stage for an hour or more of rocking around and sweating."

That quote from Keith Anderson's bio has a familiar ring. Bruce Springsteen achieved remarkable results in the eighties by building up stamina for his grueling stage performances.

But dynamic energy from being physically fit is only one facet of this talented singer/songwriter who appears to have all the bases covered. They don't come looking any better. As a singer, he carries his weight among in the cream of the crop crowd. He is an established songwriter as well as a respected one. In short, Keith Anderson is A-list country making huge lasting impressions with his contributions whether it's a project for himself or for another artist.

Though he is widely regarded as one of the hottest males in the business by female fans, he transcends the "pretty boy" typecast syndrome by appealing to a huge male following as well; A trait he shares with entertainers like Hank Williams Jr, Garth Brooks and Toby Keith.

He may not be one of those who got their career started by singing in church when he was two but Keith Anderson has clearly made all the right moves. Noddy Holder of the legendary British rock band Slade, once told me that timing played a major role in the success of the group. Having the goods and being in the right place at the right time may well have played a part in the establishing of Keith Anderson. But Keith Anderson himself is quite a unique individual and it was only a matter of time. - NU

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