Kenny Rogers:   A Long Line Of Hits

If Kenny Rogers hits were boxcars on a train, you'd have a very long wait at the RX crossing because there are many and they go a long way back. I'm not even going to bother with the "L" word here because we all know what league he's in. His stockpile of awards are too numerous to mention and the Kenny Rogers persona is so well established that if the truth were known, everyone past the age of forty has been touched by his music at some point in their lives. It's for certain there were more than just a few over the years with that catchy monumental hit The Gambler stuck in their brain.

Buy Me A Rose (with Alison Krauss), Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer (with Kim Carnes) and Islands In the Stream (with Dolly Parton) are among some of the most memorable duets in history which ruled the pop as well as country charts. Having never been confined by genre boundaries, the scope of Kenny Rogers' music also encompassed the pop market where he long maintained superstar status worldwide with his appealing contemporary songs while at the same time, reigning supreme in country music.

The popular mini-series, The Gambler, drew more than one hundred million viewers and while he has been quoted as saying "Music is what I am," his artistic accomplishments are not limited to movies and music. As a serious photographer, he studied with Yousuf Karsh, one of the greatest portrait photographers of all time. He published several photography books: Kenny Rogersí America, composed of black and white landscapes, *Kenny Rogers Photography: Your Friends and Mine, a collection of celebrity portraits and a photography book highlighting country stars past and present, entitled *This Is My Country. This one of a kind photography book includes photos of some of country's greatest performers.

The astounding thing about Kenny Rogers is that he's far from hanging up his hat. His name has been a household word around the globe for decades. He is not only the greatest crossover entertainer of all time, he is to date, the greatest entertainer of all time.

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