Mindy McCready:   "I'm Still Here"

After a chain of unfortunate events that interrupted the career of Mindy McCready, she's back; Noticeably stronger and definitely wiser. If anyone questions her ability to pick up where she left off, there are three things to consider. First, she has the talent (which is not in question); Second, she has the power to excite attention (the worldwide media documents her every move); Third, she is determined to overcome the effects of that "unfortunate chain of events." And how do we know she can do that? Mindy McCready came into Music City with only two companions; Talent and Courage.(brothers Tim and Josh came later) For her, timing was everything. She emerged onto the Nashville scene in 1996 with a look and a voice that met the criteria current for that particular time. She was young, talented and breathtakingly beautiful. However, she was a little naive about the politics of the music business and may have unintentionally alienated a few for that reason. But anyone around the business knows that wasn't something unique only to Mindy and it didn't stop her first album, "Ten Thousand Angels" from selling a "flabbergasting" two million albums. And so goes the rise of Mindy McCready superstar. All that happened from there is common knowledge among the masses because anyone with a spotlight trained on them is fair media game with nothing held private. A reality show in the making should prove to be a highly visual three dimensional saga of her plight as opposed to biased opinions and one-sided news stories.

She is currently on a mission to regain her life and career. Those who know her have no doubt about her success in doing so. Her path from the talented young girl to a much wiser woman is the sort of thing which breathes life into a country song. As we anticipate the release of her album with Iconic Records, we can't help wonder how much of it will be reflected in her music.

The seas are still churning around Mindy McCready at the present. She'll be in the headlines if she appears in court or if the wind blows her dress up. Even though there may be a few more hurdles and a bit more controversy before it all falls into place, the remarkable talent that sent her to the top of the charts in the first place is still intact. Her new heartfelt single, "I'm Still Here," is nothing less than incredible. You immediately sense the depth of this song. There's nothing superficial about the resolve and commitment that drives it. Time is on her side which could be a new beginning. - NU official website.

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