Patty Loveless:
An Intricate Part Of What Country Music's All About

The timeless and unforgettable clear voice of Patty Loveless has brought many interrelating elements to country music. Although firmly established in mainstream country, Cheap Whisky and The Boys Are Back In Town showcase her deep bluegrass roots and she commands a huge loyal following from the bluegrass community as well. For those who prefer a little rock with their country, there she is again with songs like the in-your-face She Drew A Broken Heart and the quirky I Try To Think About Elvis. By embracing the entire genre, she truly is a "one artist fits all."

She can deliver songs like Blue Side Of Town with a voice powerful enough for a cattle drive yet harmonize with the likes of Vince Gill with all the beauty and grace of a summer sunset.

As she approaches the legendary arena, the path behind her is unbroken and paved with twenty years of hits. The dynamic energy behind her voice in "House Of Cash," the duet with George Strait on his latest album Troubador, is Patty Loveless at her finest. It's pretty impressive when you're listening to George Strait and midway through the album you begin looking forward to the next project from this country rockin' bluegrass lady, which by the way, will be released on Saguaro Road Records September 09, 2008. The album, without a doubt is one of the top country highlights of 2008. It is titled "Sleepless Nights," a cover project featuring some great classics such as "Donít Let Me Cross Over" (Carl and Pearl Butler), "He Thinks I Still Care" (George Jones) and "Crazy Arms" (Ray Price) and may well be one of the most unique projects of her career. To the delight of fans, Patty Loveless will be hitting the road this fall for her first tour in almost 3 years in support of the new album - NU.

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