Sara Evans:   Transcending What Is Normal

Remember that first Sara Evans song on the radio? If you do, then you also remember that beautiful voice wrapped around those words flowing like a gentle refreshing breeze through the airwaves. And what about the humble young woman who didn't even know it was her the audience were going wild over until Vince Gill told her. This is a description of the early Sara Evans as she was on the threshold of a world where she would soon take to flight like a butterfly emerging from a cacoon then spreading it's wings for all to see. In her short journey, she has transcended from a pretty good female country artist to an extraordinarily beautiful world class entertainer with the ability to project herself through her music; A sure sign there's an intelligent brain involved and a perceptiveness of how it all relates to both her as an indivudual and as an entertainer. She's still early in her career, but her refined voice and firm hold on what she has accomplished so far, is a guarantee this sensational artist will be around for a while. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that Sara Evans was "born to fly.". - NU

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