Sierra Hull:   A Bluegrass Princess Walking A Royal Path

The one debut album under her belt may reflect a short track record, but the bluegrass notes pouring fourth from the mandolin in the hands of Sierra Hull have the polished sound of a seasoned veteran. Every now and then an artist comes along that just boggles the mind and blows you away. Rarely though, are they so tender in years.

Sierra admits she is an ardent admirer of Alison Krauss and while the Krauss influence is there, it's obvious she has embraced and been influenced by other bluegrass elements as well. Then by adding generous amounts of her own originality, she has made bluegrass her own.

She began playing the mandolin when she was eight and a mere eight years later, doors are already opening to her dynamic, yet sweet fresh manner of showcasing her music. By most teen standards, this sort of thing wouldn't be cool. But Sierra Hull has put her own spin on that idea as a trend setter who's putting that notion to rest. Her strong sense and understanding of the interelating elements that make up bluegrass places her well beyond her years. Having already garnered respect from stellar industry peers, she has little refining to do as she clears her own path and begins a lifelong journey of developing the artistic ability with which she has been blessed.

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