Taylor Swift:

You really can't approach the subject of Taylor Swift by viewing her as an average everyday teenage girl. Although the content of her songs indicate she may be just that. But being the youngest working professional songwriter ever is anything but ordinary.

It's absolutely amazing that someone so young in years can be so music savvy and actually lay seige to an industry that has proved to be elusive to many older and more experienced writers and entertainers. Not only did she find her way up that ladder and gain regognition as Country Music's most successful new star, she just finished high school an A student. Most teenagers make it through high school on just a wing and a prayer, never mind juggling something as overwhelming as a music career.

Her first experience with a guitar was when she was twelve. By the time she was fourteen, there was no question about what direction she would take. Less than four years later the recognition, nominations and awards were already flowing in. Taylor Swift debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Country Album chart and went Gold in just 13 weeks, Platinum in only 32 weeks, and Double Platinum in 58 weeks. Since she isn't seasoned with years of life's experiences, the songs on this impressive debut album reflect what goes on in the life of a teenage girl. But one thing is certain, those experiences are lying in wait for Taylor Swift and will some day turn into songs. - NU

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