Terri Clark:   Defining Her Own Path....

Terri Clark is without a doubt one of the most visually appealing female artists to ever grace country music. Setting her own style, she gives new meaning to the cowgirl look by embracing it with charming feminine sexiness and class. This is in striking contrast to the sea of young blonde new-country new-comers.

However the unique look of Canadian born Terri Clark is not altogether a gimmick. It actually reflects the independent person she is. Her path to fame found her walking in the footsteps of other artists like legendary singer songwriter Kris Kristofferson as she played the honky tonks of Lower Broadway in Nashville. What seems like a rough start to many, often is something they are able to look back on as a character-building experience. Whatever ingredients went into the making of Terri Clark, the results are clearly manifested in her music. The collection of songs spanning the past decade of recording from "I've Got Better Things To Do" to "Dirty Girl" and "In My Next Life" have established her permanently.

The media is more often than not responsible for how the rest of the world sees someone. If someone with a high profile gets a ticket and ends up in court, everyone knows the details. But what about the good deeds? Even though the media usually sidesteps not-so-juicy stuff, sometimes a simple jesture of goodwill can slip through and allow the public to discern more about the real person. What if you were this fellow who had car trouble and found yourself stranded beside the road. Then suddenly Terry Clark is on the scene offering you the use of her cell phone. True story. - NU

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